Keep the power to make the choices for your children. Their needs, standards, and learning are critical.

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we promote economic growth

Less Taxes
& Pro-Family

In a constant moving world, family is the backbone of community. Let us do our part in keeping that foundation intact.

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We are focused on building our city of arkansas


Set a value on life that we can uphold and keep a level of accountability in our spheres of influence.

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Be grateful for success. Also be grateful for the journey and help as many people along the way.

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Agriculture is the one thing that can reach all people no matter where they are in life. The best way to eat is together.

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Tobar Platform

Our solutions for the
City of Arkansas

Less taxes / Less government to promote economic growth /
Pro-school choice / Education

Pro-traditional marriage and family / Pro-highway, roads and infrastructure / Right to bear arms

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Gary Tobar is...

People driven

Gary Tobar is running for election to the Arkansas House of Representatives to represent District 55. He is on the ballot in the general election on November 3, 2020.
"Raising the Bar!"

Early voting begins October 19, 2020.
Make sure you are prepared and registered to vote in the upcoming election.

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